Finding Financial Happiness

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financial happiness

What does this financial happiness mean? It has been proven when people know that their work has a purpose, then they will feel happy and satisfied with their money. It’s not about a big amount of money that can bring happiness to you, even a small amount of money can make you happy sometimes and it’s depending on the amount of money you need to fulfil your requirement. 

Financial happiness depends on financial habits and some habits bring greater satisfaction than others. If you are not feeling happy with money there may be something wrong with your spending. Here are the reasons for that.

Spend small money frequently rather than spending big rarely 

When it comes to spending, some people are used to working longer periods in a year and spend very rarely for their happiness. It makes you unhappy because you work hard so long and do not spend on happiness. The reason for this habit is that they think only a large amount of spending will bring them happiness and they are waiting and waiting for that to earn big and save big to spend. If you spend a small amount of money at the end of the day for coffee out or something small you want it will bring more happiness to you and you can always feel refreshed and relaxed than waiting.

To find financial happiness, change yourself and try to change your habit of waiting to spend big money and spend small and feel the difference, it will change your life. 

Pay now and consuming later

There are a few strategies that are better and can make you happier. If you are earning, save some and spending a little later is better than getting debt. When you are a debtor it will bring additional stress to you and will not bring your happiness. Some people get debt due to unnecessary expenses and then they are in unnecessary trouble of paying out debtors.  Saving money now and spending it later is a better option than getting into debt.

Make use of your money to benefit others as well

To earn financial happiness this is also a better way if you can practice this habit. Happiness is not only spending for your own requirements. if you do it for family and friends also will bring happiness to you.

For your Birthday, Christmas or any other special day you can spend some kind of money to buy food or any other small gifts or donations to your charity for elders, children or any other.  It will bring unexpected happiness to you and for them as well who are receiving things from you. Feel the happiness with spending some for other’s happiness and it will make you a happy person. Also, you can spend some for your family and friends who are always there for you. It will make them happy. Spending leisure time with family during the weekend or having a vacation in a different place to experience nature will cost less.

Steps to find financial happiness

There are some steps to follow to find your financial happiness and to achieve your life goals.

Start saving today not tomorrow

Finding financial happiness within you, and starting today than waiting for tomorrow, will be ideal. The actions and decisions you make today will bring a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones. Choose the best plan and the way of doing it, maybe daily, weekly or monthly. Be consistent no matter what life throws you because you are the creator of your life. Trust and be yourself always, don’t depend on others. Make your own decisions to be happy.

Set goals for yourself

This is the best decision you can make to be happy financially. Setting goals for daily, weekly, monthly and annually. When you have plans and goals it will make things easy for you. Think before you spend because after you spend you can’t get the money back. So always plan on your priorities and how to save and spend. Think of how much you can save every week or month and plan for that. You may need your savings for emergency matters. Saving is part to protect you from unexpected circumstances. So use your money wisely and think before you spend, that’s the best way to save yourself. 

Divide your income 

To find financial happiness this is a must you should follow. You have to divide your income into a few parts.  Domestic needs, investment, savings and unexpected expenses, that’s how you use the income. If you follow these steps you always have money for things in life. Budget your income for each and every spending, savings, investments and to use in difficult situations. Spend the income as per the budget and don’t make use of savings or investments for unnecessary things. When you save part of your income will be getting interested and some profits. Profit from investments and interest from savings are also extra income and you can use that money for useful moves in life.

Try practising the cash envelope method

Finding financial happiness is always within you and you have to follow the necessary steps to achieve your life goals. If you have better planning, budgeting and saving habits,  it will bring you to the level you expect in life. Beware of unexpected situations and prepare for them as well. Financial happiness is within you and you find it. Nothing is more important than happiness in life. 

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