How Does Car Financing Works?

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Most of us have a dream to buy a car. Buying your car is a bit expensive. So it is not affordable for everyone to pay for a car upfront in cash. You can easily apply for a car loan to finance the car. This will help you a lot when compared with the option of buying a car after paying the total value by cash. There are some important things that you should keep in mind when financing a car. Let’s have a brief idea about those important things.

Is It A Good Idea for You to Finance a Car?

This question might be the first thing that comes to your mind after deciding to buy a car. The good or bad of financing a car depends on your financial situation. If you have enough money to buy a car by paying cash it will be beneficial because of the zero interest and no loan fees. The only disadvantage is your savings get decreased. It will be a risk in case of an emergency. If you don’t have enough money for a cash payment, financing a car is a great option that you can choose. You should think about the value of finance and the value of the car you are buying. If you do a down payment instead of financing the entire cost of the car it will be very beneficial for you. But don’t worry if there’s no way to do a down payment there are ample alternatives that you can select.

What You Should Remember When Leasing A Car?

First, you should determine the cost that you can afford. So have a clear idea about your income and the expenditures. You have to get a car if only you can afford a new payment for a month. You can have a low finance cost after doing a big down payment. So try to get a financed car after you feel that you are having stable financial status. You can have a glance at your credit report before doing a purchase for the car. This will be very important when you are going to have a financed car.

What Are The Financing Options Available?

There are mainly two financing options available. You can choose one of them by considering your preferences and the pros & cons of them.

  • Direct Lending
    In this option, you borrow money directly from a bank, finance company, or credit union. You must pay the amount financed plus a financed charge as instalments. (here is the definition in Wikipedia)
  • Dealership Financing
    In this option, you and a dealer enter into a contract. According to the contract you buy a car and pay the amount financed plus finance charged within a period. the dealer sells the contract to a bank or a finance company that provides the services and collects your payments. Dealership financing is considered as a convenient method to use when you are buying a car. it is a fast option you choose when comparing with the other. This method is sometimes competitive. One of the main disadvantages of this method is, loans are often front-loaded which means the payments are made to have more interest at the beginning than the end. Sometimes you will like this as a benefit you are getting. But think of an instance where you hope to set off the loan early. The dealership financing method has high pressure. (here is the detailed definition)

What Are The Key Components of A Car Loan?

Many components are needed to make up a car loan. Let’s see what those are.

  1. The Interest Rate
    Think about the interest rate before financing a car. It is better to compare the interest rates of different lenders before selecting the place to finance the car. You can select the best rate that suits your income and also the most beneficial one.
  2. The Loan Period
    There are different loan periods for different lenders. There is a maximum duration as well as a minimum duration. Longer the period monthly repayment will be a smaller one. But the total interest that you have paid will be high at the end. 
  3. The Repayment
    You can choose to do repayments weekly or monthly after discussing it with the lender. This will be very beneficial for you because the sooner you pay the loan lesser the interest you pay. 
  4. Other Fees & Charges
    There are many other charges that you have to bear when financing a car. Some of them are establishment fee, the break fee, discharge fee, and late payment fee. 
  5. The Lender
    It is important to choose the best lender when financing a car. The reason for this is all the above mentioned key components depend on the lender and those are changed from one lender to the other. 

How To Determine The Rate?

This is a very special point that must be considered when financing a car. The interest that you have to pay when financing a car varies with the normally displayed rates. Your credit rating has a big influence on this. Your credit history and the credit score supplies an image about your money habits to the lenders. They can have a rough idea about the risk they face by lending you money. 

A high-interest rate will decide by the lender if they feel the risk of lending money is high. The term of your loan is one of the things that decide your interest rate. A used car will cost a lower interest rate while a new car will have a higher interest rate. Sometimes the location also becomes a factor that decides the rate of interest. This is not valid for every finance. So keep in mind these things before getting a financed car.

Here are some financial calculators you can try

These are some of the things that you should know when financing a car. Try to make the best decisions as much as possible when financing a car. Otherwise, you won’t be able to have your dream car in real.

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