Turning simplicity into a lifestyle

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Living a simple lifestyle is probably going into extinction in the western world we live today. However. Living simply involved getting rid of the non-essentials in your life and channeling your energy and time on the essentials (things that are more important/ things that matters the most). When you simplify your lifestyle, you will have to live a meaningful life because you will be living within your own terms and you will have the time and space to pursue things that interest you.

Turning simplicity into a lifestyle isn’t as easy as it seems because you might sometime want to do something outside the basic or essentials to give yourself joy. But the process of turning simplicity into a lifestyle is the simplest thing to be done to find true happiness.

Simplicity is the essence of life and for this reason, living simply ought to be one of the easiest things you can try but turning it into a lifestyle will require you:

Track your time

Another way to turn simplicity into a lifestyle is to pay attention to how much time you spend doing things. Try to cut out the time you waste on unnecessary things. Once you track your time, you will be able to dedicate your time to things that will not only make you happy but also be of benefit to your life.

Get rid of unimportant monthly expenses

There is a lot of membership payment you make (examples are the mobile internet service, gym membership and lots more) and you barely use, these payments are always on your credit card and you might not realize you are spending on what you are not using.

You can always find alternatives when you get rid of these payments. Replace the gym membership with an exercise around the neighborhood or the local park, choose Wi-Fi hotspots over mobile internet service. Doing this might take effort at first but doing it continuously will turn out to become a habit you will find easy.

Track your expenses

Tracking the money you spend is the best way to know where your money is going and what you are spending on. Once you realize what you are spending more money on, you make changes and adapt to the changes that have been made. You might realize that you don’t need your second car, for this reason, you can opt for public transport when the need arises.

As a matter of fact, turning simplicity into a lifestyle has two major keywords that should be seen critically. These two keywords are time and money. They are also the most valuable resources people have. Once you choose to live a simple lifestyle, the amount of time and money one has
will increase and it will be of benefit.

Another great thing about turning simplicity into a lifestyle is that you can always choose your choice. Life is about choice and the best way to live in a simpler way is to make your preferred choice.

Benefits of turning simplicity into a lifestyle

There will be an improvement in your finance

Once you live a simple lifestyle, you keep a simple life, you have a budget and you stick to the budget faithfully. Get rid of things you don’t need and get things you need only. Having fewer things permit you to spend less and live within a smaller space. Living a simple lifestyle helps you eliminate stress, debt and invite new success.

Your health is strengthened

Living a simple lifestyle means you are focusing on the most important things in your life. This will help you reduce your stress level (stress can affect mental health, mood, and blood pressure). Living simply will shy away from abusing the present to protect your future.

Living a simple life and freedom go hand in hand

Having more things means you have more responsibilities. The need to service your ego is inversely proportional to the freedom you get. Simple life means freedom and freedom means happiness.

Other benefits of turning simplicity into lifestyle include:

  • You have a deeper and more meaningful relationship
  • You have more free time
  • You avoid overreacting
  • You live a less cluttered life
  • You learn and know more about who you are
  • You become true to yourself

In conclusion, turning simplicity into a lifestyle will eliminate distractions or temptations that life can cause. Complex lifestyle with a lot of expense has made a lot of people miserable.

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