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simple living

What is simple living? 

Simple living makes one’s financial needs simple. Satisfying with the less makes people happy as it brings less stress and competition. 

The mindset of a person can change due to the lifestyle of people living around them. Dissatisfaction is human nature.  When someone sees another person who lives a luxurious life, then that person gets the need to have similar things or beyond that level. It leads to great disappointments if they can’t achieve and acquire as expected. This is called emotional spending, which is done either based on jealousy or dissatisfaction. Such emotional spending won’t happen if a person values simple life. Thoughtful spending is recommended. There a person can spend only on essential items after evaluation of current financial status. It is an excellent habit which should be practised in life. This also decreases the financial stress for earning. 

Simple living, simple finance can increase the pleasure of life and bring up financial freedom. This freedom allows a person to enjoy living instead of being stressed over money. For example, if we have a big house we need to spend our earnings to renovate and cleaning. A small house will attract more happiness and peace with fewer expenses. Simple house appliances will have less maintenance cost. Similarly, simple clothing has less expensive price tags. Simple eating habits can save a person from sicknesses. Hence simple living methods lead to simplifies finances and ultimately peace and happiness.

How simple life brings financial simplicity

Simple eating habits

Diet or eating habits are much important for humans as their health and expenditure will be depending on this. If people are used to eating much animal flesh other than vegetables, it makes their body unhealthy.  And these food items are expensive too. The medicine for treating the diseases is further expensive. Filling the diet with more vegetables and less meat makes the bodies healthy.  It’s good for the pocket too. Furthermore, these simple food items can be grown in their own garden and with more freshness and as a mode of mental relaxation. Hence benefits are multiplied. Hence simple eating habits bring simple living and simple finance.

Living a meaningful life according to your expectations

A simple life is about freedom with your desires and ignorance. You shouldn’t live a life that others want.  A person can have true freedom at the point and not impress some other people. It’s you are satisfied with the way of your living, happiness is there. A simple life is not bothering about another person’s lifestyle and comparing with yours. When you start comparing and trying to reach the level of others, it’s the mindset. Manage life with income and minimize expenditures. It will bring peace to life. Whatever we do, we should have a meaning for that. It’s not about stepping into troubles that you can’t fix. Stay happy with what you have.

Organize home

If you want to live a simple life, your home needs to be organized. It will enhance your power to achieve your goals and serve yourself. An organized home will prevent unnecessary time spent searching for things that have gone missing. It will save the money which will be spent on re buying.  If you always keep the place clean and tidy, then you don’t need to spend your spare time cleaning. You can donate unwanted clothes from the wardrobe. It is possible to hang the utensils and clothes accordingly using hangers. Certain furniture can be sold as antiques as well.  The famous 5S practices are useful in organizing your home. It is sort, set in order, shine standardize and sustain. These concepts will help to achieve simple life, simple finance.

Reduce TV time

Make a habit to watch important programs which can make you relaxed and educated. Avoid watching any broadcasting that represents an unrealistic lifestyle that creates unnecessary needs. When you watch a good movie it helps to relax your mind after a hectic day. You can use the same time to read a book, which can improve the knowledge. Yoga or exercises are more valuable than spending hours watching television on a couch. Limit the time for TV and make that space for something which can bring rewards to life. Even it helps career advancement, which means increments and better finances. So, reducing tv time will increase the happiness and peace within you. The saved time can be invested over health, career advancement and business. Hence reducing tv time promote simple living, simple finance.

Appreciate small things and pay gratitude

The attitude of gratitude is a very important trait to help you improve. We should pay gratitude to everything we have in our lives.  If visiting family or friends gives you a good feeling at the weekend, why would you spend thousands on a hotel stay? When you see the value of simple things, you will understand that those expensive purchases won’t matter a lot for the quality of life. Then those unnecessary expenses will automatically reduce. There are times which finances will be really good or bad. But you will be able to survive hard times only if you know how to handle both good and hard times wisely. If you see the small things that will matter to you, you will be able to be satisfied even in low financial status. Therefore simple living, simple finance is directly linked with appreciating small things in life. 

Simple living, simple financing is environmentally friendly and sustainable as well. Fewer expectations and simple living habits reduce expenditures and high resource consumption. When a person lives a simple lifestyle they always use fewer resources.  Even a small house has fewer utility bills and less maintenance cost compared to a large house. This reduces mental stress and financial stress.  Once you see your success independent of finances, life becomes simple as well. When we use to start living a simple life, finances become simple. This is basically adjusting the way of thinking for the betterment of life.

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